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An important aim in teaching is to make learning enjoyable and fun for your students.
12. September 2005

The Role of Having Fun in Everyday Teaching

'An important aim in teaching is to make learning enjoyable and fun for your students.'

In my opinion this is a very true statement. Now I'd like to give you an idea, why this statement is more than a suggestion to let things go easy or to be nice to everybody.

First of all: Spending time in an enjoyable manner is very good for learning. So even if you are not the best friend of jokes and you are rather for taking things seriously, this is not just about a game. Fun makes the learning material kind of digestible for the brain. And it works this way not only for a little while. Far more it is a sustainable approach and therefore precious for every teacher and every pupil or student.  

Second reason: This is your life, enjoy it! So if you are about to be a teacher, you will have a hard time with much more effort than you might have ever planned to come. So why not stop this bad game and turn it into a pleasant one? Once you start having fun you feel being in the right place. It will keep you healthy, it reduces every kind of stress and the things you are explaining will reach the ears of your audience more quickly und on a direct way. Great experience and the best way to enhance creativity.

Third reason: Your pupils and your students might need these kind of feelings badly. Nobody will tell you, but it is the truth: You do not know your audience good enough. You cannot wait untill someone will tell you what he or she is waiting for and what he or she will need. They won't ever tell you. Even worse, there can be a barrier and a far too wide distance between you and your audience. So take the first step wisely. How? Fun is the answer. May be not the only one, but a good choice. With laughing people you can go everywhere. Be sure to discover the fun in the eyes of everybody who is listening to you. This is a base for more, even for serious subjects.

The secret is: If you are free and open for fun, people can look right into your heart and soul and are thus immediately able to join your activities. This is quite a solid way to successful teaching and successful learning.

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